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Be a Part of Marshfield’s Downtown Revitalization!

Marshfield’s Downtown is in the midst of an incredible and dramatic revitalization. Property owners and business owners are restoring their buildings’ facades. Previously underutilized buildings are being renovated with restaurants and retail shops moving in. Professional services and other businesses are clamoring to snap up the remaining few available rental spaces.

Living Downtown in Marshfield has never been more desirable. It’s great for single renters who want the option to walk to entertainment and dining hotspots in Marshfield and young married professionals who want to live affordably while saving up for the purchase of their first home.

Downtown Marshfield has so much to offer:

  • Wenzel Family Plaza. Ready for some good family fun? The new Wenzel Family Plaza is where people of Marshfield gather Downtown for concerts, farmers markets, ice skating, and other exciting events. Also, it’s a great place for a picnic lunch on a beautiful summer’s day.
  • Banks, Library, and Post Office. There’s no need to start up the car to take care of your errands! A short walk from any Downtown apartment takes you to banks, the police station, the post office, and the public library.
  • Professional Services. Need a good attorney, accountant, financial adviser, insurance agent, chiropractor, or masseuse? You can find every service you could possibly need in Marshfield’s Downtown.
  • The Art Center. The heartbeat of Marshfield’s cultural and performing arts scene is located Downtown.
  • Restaurants. Too tired to cook tonight? Just grab some quick Chinese, pizza, pasta, soup, or sandwiches for dinner. Or want to impress guests from out of town? Take them to the place where the chef juggles knives and cooks food right in front of you! Marshfield’s hottest restaurants are located Downtown.
  • The Movie Theater. Catch all the new releases at Marshfield’s only cinema, located Downtown.
  • Shops. Whether you are Christmas shopping or buying a housewarming gift for your new apartment, the most unique shops in Marshfield are located in the city’s Downtown.
  • Events. Something is always happening Downtown. Enjoy front row seats to parades, events, live music and more!

You’ve Never Had a Landlord Like Erin and Chris Howard

When you rent from Howard Properties, your landlords are Erin and Chris Howard. This means that when you call with a question, the number you dial is the personal cell phone of Erin or Chris. They are the owners, the managers, the maintenance coordinators, and your general problem solvers!

This creates a completely different experience from any landlord/tenant relationship you’ve ever had before. You’ll definitely understand the difference if your previous landlord was a low-level manager working for a multi-state property management company hired by the director of a conglomerate real estate investment trust whose stock is owned and traded by rich mucky-mucks who cruise their yachts off the coast of Florida.

Erin and Chris are local and truly care about your happiness, success, and well-being as a tenant. They live Downtown in Marshfield, are proud of their city, and are strong advocates for our wonderful community.

Helping Every Tenant Become Happy and Successful

After Chris Howard graduated college, he moved back to Wisconsin and rented the lower half of a country duplex near Powers Bluff in Wood County. When the duplex was put up for sale in 2002, he bought it and created a company called Lazy Meadow Homes LLC.

A few years later, Chris bought a second property located at 111-121 S. Central Ave. and so began the Howard Family’s love affair with Downtown Marshfield.

Before long, Chris met and married Erin, and Lazy Meadow Homes grew from a hobby into a full-time business. While the company owns a number of properties outside of Marshfield, the Howards’ passion for history in general, and Downtown Marshfield more specifically, led them to specialize in developing projects in this area. With the majority of their properties Downtown, Lazy Meadow Homes started “doing business as” Howard Properties in 2018. (Erin and Chris’s only property that overlooks a “lazy meadow” is the original duplex, so the “Lazy Meadow Homes” name doesn’t fit the company’s focus anymore.)

Erin and Chris Howard work hard to create win-win scenarios with every tenant. They consider each tenant a “partner” of theirs and work hard to help ensure that every commercial tenant is successful with their business and every residential tenant is happy with their living space.

Howard Properties owns and leases 77 spaces in Downtown Marshfield—24 to commercial businesses and 53 to residential tenants.

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